Terri Eccles

Interim COO

Terri is Interim COO of Impart Wealth, currently being incubated by her company, Virago Labs. Virago does all things strategy & leadership for startups.  She was previously a Director of Digital Product at Capital One with Yvette and the Director of Digital Web at Premera.

She teaches Product Management for General Assembly and Embodied Leadership for Strozzi InstituteShe is a passionate entrepreneur, product manager, instructor, certified somatic coach and mama.

Yvette Butler


Yvette Butler is the founder of Impart Wealth. She is also head of Private Bank and Wealth Advisory, at Silicon Valley Bank. Previously, she was President of Capital One Investing, delivering holistic, digital advice combined with human touch. 

She brings over 30 years of experience in financial services. Impart Wealth combines her 3 passions, finance, technology, and new media. Her aim is to provide users a place to speak honestly about their money and get real advice, that isn't tied to a regulated institution.

Wealth building

is not a zero sum

game - we can all win.

Friends are the best source of unbiased information and advice.

"If you know better, you can do better"

- Maya Angelou

Money is the last taboo that needs transparency and light.

It is important to know how YOU are doing relative to your peers.

The Team

Jen King
Product Manager

Rosie Olaivar

Project Manager

Christian Isaacs

iOS Dev

Garrett Nakamoto

UX Design

Char Davidson

Design & Branding

David Douglass

Social Media and Content

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